Friday, April 23, 2010

Time to Catch Up (no, seriously!)

Friends, friends, friends... it's been a while since you've heard from us. The past two months have been crazy busy with Rose finally working and the wedding plans all coming to a head. Things to report: Rose's job is going great and the wedding was wonderful! The marriage (two week anniversary tomorrow!) is going pretty well too.

People have been making crazy requests, wanting to see photos and all. Well, folks, that's not happening -- anytime soon, that is! I'll just tell ya'll about our honeymoon (minus the gory details), since that is the second question most people ask after the photos question.

We went to New Bern, North Carolina, which is the second oldest city of NC. Our original plan was to rent a house in the Outerbanks, but we really didn't feel like we could commit the time (driving and all) just yet to that seemingly awesome area. New Bern was a nice compromise -- it has the quaintness of a small town, is near the Croatan National Forest, an hour away from the Atlantic, and has history galore. This would all be great if we didn't spend more than half of our time either sleeping or lounging or eating. I'm lying, we probably spent more than half of our time doing those things.

First of all, the B&B we stayed at is called Aerie Inn and is owned by an awesome couple, Marty & Michael (no they aren't gay, Marty's real name is Marcia!.. wait was I the only one that assumed they were a cute gay couple owning an Inn?). Anyhoo, Marty & Michael have really set our standards high when it comes to B&Bs now. The day we went to the beach they provided chairs and a cooler. The night we wanted one of our (many) bottles of champagne, they provided ice and a bucket. There were also these delicious mints everywhere in the house. Okay okay, that stuff is nice and all, but really the breakfasts were more than fantastic. Each morning we had a starter (usually a cobbler variety -- my favorite, peach & raspberry YUM) and then a choice between three entrees. Most mornings I chose the French toast, because, well, anybody who knows me knows I love French toast. Marty cooks all of the breakfasts herself and they are goooooood. We stupidly only took pictures of our entrees our last morning there... oh well, I expect we'll go back in the next few years.

Aside from the owners, the Inn itself is really neat. All of the rooms are decorated with original antique furniture, and then modern conveniences are there to add interest (TV w/ DVD player, the most comfortable 1000-thread count Egyptian Cotton bedsheets EVER, gorgeous heavy curtains, and down pillows). Each night we would look forward to the wine-and-cheese social hour where you had a choice between white wine, red wine, or pink lemonade (guess what David chose?) and delicious appetizers. At least three other older couples were also staying at the Inn and they would make uncomfortable raunchy newlywed jokes that we both surprisingly enjoyed. It's kind of fun getting a lot of attention from strangers when you are just married! Toward the end of social hour, the owners would ask where we planned to eat that evening so they could go ahead and call for a reservation. And this is where the honeymoon gets really good... every dinner was so so soooo delicious. Luckily we took photos of our meals. Have a looksie at the new couple of posts!

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