Sunday, May 31, 2009

remember this day, always

Rose in the morning, by David (she was having a fit of nightmares!)

David at night, by Rose (she will have more nightmares!)


Good news everyone! I've gotten my work schedule for the month of June and I'm off every weekend. I didn't expect this, so it was an awesome surprise and I'm milking it for all it's worth.

Last night was our date night, so we headed over to Sandhills for dinner and a movie. Ended up going to an Asian bistro for dindin and then saw Drag Me to Hell, which scared the living bejeesus out of me and I couldn't fall asleep last night. We shared an ice cream after the whole event and then went back to David's to hang around. What really happened was David bored Rose to death by reading about RAW images and such (we're trying to make the conversion), so she ended up sleeping in the guestbed upstairs. Anyway, this morning we finally got up around 10a and went to the gym after breakfast. After a rousing game of racquetball, we headed over to Will's to pick up Wesley and Stephen so we could go to Earlewood Park for frisbee. I just realized mid-sentence how boring this update might be for you guys. Let it be known that we played frisbee for a much longer time that I had intended and I was so so so so soooo beat afterward. This gal isn't used to so much exercise. We showered up at my apartment and then headed back over to Will's for taco night. Watched a bunch of television and such and then David impressed the crowd at Bruster's with his hoolah hooping skills (he's really really good!), as pictured above.

I'm pooped and have church in the morning. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apartment Photos!

Welcome to my humble abode!

This car has apparently been here for months

Driving up the hill (I tried taking a picture of the hill but it was accurately defined and I felt pathetic posting it)

This is what I'm expected to park my car into. I freak out everytime.

Building facade

First staircase

Stairwell lighting

Going up to the second floor

Standing on our porch looking toward our neighbors

Part of the view - Right

Part of the view - Center

Sarah's garden

Our porch

Into the apartment! Living room

Favorite wall structural wall hanging

Favorite painting (Sarah's grandfather painted all of the art in our living room)

As you walk directly through the living room, you come to the kitchen

From the kitchen, looking at the living room

Kitchen Cabinetry

"Spice Rack"

Window over the sink

To the left of the kitchen window/sink, there is a door that leads to the "back alley" as Sarah likes to call it

Our neighbors door and the little hallway between

The steps downstairs (if you continue on down, you go to the back of the apartment building where the trash is and a back alley that leads to the street)

Alright, now we'll go back inside, through the kitchen, into the living room and turn left toward the bathroom

Very tiny and PINK bathroom

View from the other side

View of living room from the bathroom door

Coming out of bathroom, turning right toward my bedroom (Sarah's bedroom is on the left of the bathroom)

View of nice giant queen size and very very squeaky bed


View outside of window - lots of foliage and some historic house's porch balcony

Standing at the desk, looking to the left at some of the storage (the entire wall is storage! it's insane, really)

Continuation of the wall of storage as a nice finale!

And voila! That's the apartment I'm living in for the time being! Hope ya'll enjoyed. (:


A Sunny Beginning

Hello friends and family and thank you for taking a peek at our blog! We originally came up with this idea months ago and it's kind of just been sitting in interwebspace waiting to be updated. We're not 100% sure what direction this will go, (it was really intended for what our subtitle says: our photographic adventures) but we're hoping you'll watch us grow.

First of all, for those that don't know, I (being "Rose") just moved to Columbia last Friday. I'm working as an RN Extern (why it's called extern as opposed to intern, I still don't know, but will let you know as soon as I find out) at one of the area's local hospitals. This idea initially came up last October(?) or so: I was browsing the hospital websites for this area, since David lives here and I wanted to check out the job prospects, and came across this opportunity for students that are currently enrolled in nursing school. After a lengthy application process, I interviewed on my birthday this year, and found out mid-April that I got the position! It's been a hustle and bustle since then, because I was also finishing up my semester and in the middle of moving with my longtime roommate and best friend, Ashley. I was able to secure an apartment and a roommate up here in Columbia by using Craigslist (no worries to the older and more cautious generation, aka mom and grandparents, we did it safely and everything has worked out wonderfully).

I'm living in an older apartment building which is located in downtown/midtown Columbia, really close to Five Points, an area with really unique shops and bars. The apartment sits at the bottom of a huge hill, which I suppose is the reason rent is so cheap (I can't complain). My room is fairly large with two big windows and horizontal blinds. My roommate is really nice and is also a vegetarian; she reminds me of pre-nursing school Rose (aka hippie). I like her. David lives about 20-25minutes away - some people think that's still really far, but when you're used to someone being about 9hours away, thirty minutes is not really a big deal. We're still trying to figure out and adjust to our "new" relationship. Both of us were so used to long phone conversations at night and texting throughout the day for communication, but now we can go to the gym together if we want or have the other over for dinner, watch a movie, anything really. I'm so used to being anxious when we spend time together because I know it will end soon, but now I just feel relaxed and "normal." I'm still not used to not talking on the phone at night, though.

Today was my first day (of four days) of orientation for my new job. Everyone seems really nice, but then again can anyone be rude when it comes to filling out IRS forms? I desperately need to show ya'll (hey, I'm trying out the local slang) photos of my place, so I'm going to take pictures now. I don't think it's really set in yet that I've left Florida.