Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Multitude Monday, Week XVII

191. Enjoying the company of friends in different climates
192. Arriving safely in our home state!
193. 60-degree weather
194. Quality time with grandparents
195. Exchanging gifts!
196. My husband and his innate ability to make me laugh
197. Sisters
198. Taco nights
199. Eileen's recipe for macaroni & cheese
200. Family

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today we got baptised!!

We made the decision to join our church back in November with two church membership requirements:

(1) Professing faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, and
(2) Baptism by immersion

Though David has been a Christian since he was a child, for some reason he had never been baptised. I asked his mom about it over Thanksgiving and she just said that she never wanted to push him and she wanted it to be his choice. David and I have talked about it quite a bit since I asked Jesus into my heart February 2008...and it finally seemed like the right time, now.

David has been very nervous the last few weeks, and for me, it was kind of in the back of my mind. We arrived at 10:55 in the Baptism Suite and changed into our white clothes, then met in a central area to talk with the Baptism coordinators. It was then that it finally plugged into my brain what I was about to do...and for the next hour or so I really couldn't stop crying. I cried while Clay Smith prayed with us, I cried waiting for the worship team to end their song, I cried walking down unto the watery steps, I cried watching David profess his faith, I cried before Clay presented me to the church, I cried with a broken voice during my profession, and I literally sobbed while tearing off my dripping wet white robes in the dressing room. I think the only other day that I have cried just a little more was our wedding day.

I love that my relationship with God has always evoked such an emotional response. I know that He is truly in me when there are uncontrollable tears running down my face.. And sometimes I find myself feeling insecure (thinking about ME instead of HIM) and I love when I catch myself doing that, because it gives me yet another thing to talk to God about...

Glory be to God in the highest!

A Small Blurb about Life Changes

Lives change all of the time -- for good and bad -- and we have been extremely blessed this last year. My husband and I are really growing into one another, and I don't know if it's the warmness of the season, but I'm finding myself appreciate so many little moments lately that it is hard for me to say what exactly has changed in us. Just last week marked eight months that we have been married, which I proclaim is "almost a year" and David quickly corrects me and says "it's only eight months!" It's been fast, this whole time, and after barely having enough time to get ready for a wedding yesterday, my husband looked at me and said with great emphasis, we have got to stop doing this.

We've been moving so quickly and I cannot imagine the new year slowing down anymore. I recently found out I was accepted into a RN-BSN program, which is awesome news, but also a little unexpected. (Unexpected because I was thinking Summer 2011 admission, not Spring, aka less than a month away, admission!) Tomorrow I should be sending in all of the paperwork and forms that will qualify me for in-state tuition, and the 6th of January I have my orientation. I don't really know what all of this means with my work schedule, but with only 7 credits I cannot imagine *not* being able to work as much as I do... We will see. Then we have quite a few trips planned for the new year, and I don't know if/how me being enrolled will alter those plans. Again, we will see. I am nervous and I am excited. At work we often discuss what we plan to do, since most of my coworkers are getting critical care experience and then applying for NP/CRNA programs. I don't know how any of that falls into my future, but for right now I know I need my BSN, just in case.

In other news, Friday marked us paying off $6000 in debt since August, which means I can officially close two credit card accounts this upcoming week. I know I've never written about this to you all, but David and I have a very aggressive debt pay off plan that will have us finish $35,000 by May 2012. We could theoretically be even more aggressive, but we'd like to also travel and save during this period, so .. womp, we can wait the two years.

The discussion of what do we do with all of that "extra" money after May 2012 has turned into yet another aggressive financial plan for purchasing a house, which, by the way, scares the heck out of me. All of it is exciting, though...just very, very scary.

For now I am just content knowing that the huge life change that occurred this year (getting married and moving away from family & friends) has been fairly easy. We have really genuine and awesome friends here in Columbia that has made everything kind of just pass on by...

Before heading to frisbee, after I crawled into the warm cocoon of a bed, David grabbed our coats to hang up in the closet. He paused at the doorway and said, "You know you married the best husband in the world?" I smiled and said, "Boy do I know it," though I guess I am a little partial. (:

Multitude Monday, Week XVI

Here we are a week late, and a day early (on Sunday!), because I am anticipating my lack of energy tomorrow after I work nights to-night.

171. Re-realizing the gift of Christmas
172. Spectacular productions by our church
173. Spending QT with work wives
174. Creating homemade cards with my husband this year
175. The insane amount of things my husband does for me on a daily basis
176. A warm house
177. Impromptu game nights
178. Christmas weddings
179. Ketan coming for Christmas weekend!
180. Good health news
181. The great joy in finding God has blessed friends' lives with a baby!!
182. Health insurance
183. Having a job
184. Having a job I truly enjoy
185. Dick Lincoln
186. Free skee ball
187. David's work party
188. Abundance of cards we've received in the mail
189. Smellmegood candles throughout the house
190. Great coworkers

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Shout Out to My Peeps!

Okay so the subject is something that my father-in-law would say, and I mean that in the most endearing way, but seriously, let me tell you about MAH PEEPS!

So I worked yesterday from 7p-7a. Yes it is 9:40a as I am typing this and I have not fallen over from exhaustion. Let me tell you WHYYYY.

I give a somewhat quick report. I excitedly throw my penlight, inkpen, stethoscope, and mechanical pencil in my locker. I grab my car keys, shut the padlock, and wave goodbye. Within a minute I am clocking out and the elevator arrives amazingly fast. As I'm passing the 3rd floor I suddenly realize that I left my coat in the breakroom. It is less than 30-degrees out. I figure I'll wing it. I call my dear husband on my walk out to the garage, make sure he's up and has left for Greenville (he has). I am about to the other end of the parking lot when he tells me he didn't sleep well last night because I wasn't there to keep him warm (no seriously - I insist on saving on our electricity bill and make everyone suffer by keeping the heat on, if on at all, to 60-degrees and require a space heater in the bedroom). I am approaching my car, so I click the unlock button. There's no unlocking sound, and I start imagining all of these terrible things. Like, someone stole my wallet from my glovebox. (Hey, I don't want to keep my wallet in my glovebox, but David insists I take it with me while I'm driving to work, and I absolutely refuse to cart it inside the hospital where theft is even more likely.) I get closer to the car and it's still not making any sound. It's not unlocking, it's not locking, the little keychain thing ISN'T BLINKING. Still on the phone with my husband, I'm freaking out, and manually unlock the car door. Alarm is sounding, echoing through the awesome parking garage (right as a guy in a suit gets out of his sporty little thing and rummages through his trunk...pfft, pharmacy rep). The most obnoxious sound EVER. I place my keys in the ignition and turn, but it won't start. Yes, my alarm is that smart - it LOCKS THE IGNITION. Awesome. I am only able to stop the alarm by getting out of the car and manually locking it.

At this point I am really freaking out, because here's David 45min to Greenville, all of our friends are either working or live across town, and neither of us have any ideas. (Actually David's idea was for me to take a taxi home. A TAXI! I don't live in Chicago. I don't even know what that means.) After several more unsuccessful attempts, I concede failure, and almost start crying. Then I think maybe I can ask someone who worked with me that night to either drive me home or drive me to Wal Mart so I can get another battery. Remember I'm still sans coat in really cold weather? I know one of my buddies from work is in a meeting and the only other person I felt comfortable enough asking is giving report to the charge. Frantic and cold, I march back into my unit. Are you all aware of how far our parking garage is from our unit? 10-minute walk, 8 if I'm like Speedy Gonzalez.

I show up, flustered, tell the dayshift girls what's going on as I'm trying to call the one person I feel like I can ask who is not answering... And that is when amazingness happens. One of my coworkers said, why don't you just drive my car to Wal Mart and take care of it all? Drive her car?! Why didn't I think of that? I seriously had a moment where I felt like I was back at Pasco Cardiology. It was nice. I was so so soo happy about her kindness, I was so relieved! Everything was smooth sailing after that (except I kept thinking about these horrible possibilities of me driving her car.. I've been watching way too much Dead Like Me). And now I am home and it's sleepy time.

My coworkers rule!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Multitude Monday, Week XV

161. A relaxing weekend
162. Movie night! (at home)
163. A triple date with new friends
164. Catching up with good friends during lunch on Sunday
165. Rediscovering Love Languages
166. Surprise phone calls
167. Figuring out our own traditions
168. Christmas gear
169. New sermon series
170. Health

Gray Family Portraits, Part II

If y'all remember, David and I had the pleasure of photographing this fine family before their newest bundle of joy was born. This little guy, Bragan, came to meet the world on October 13th and we had the pleasure of meeting him on October 24th during this photo session. The Gray family has been unbelievably patient as, yes, it took us almost 6 weeks to finish editing them!! Here are some of our favorites: