Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Multitude Monday, Week VIII

Again, a day late (today still feels like Tuesday to me but I guess it's Wednesday technically.. that's what night shift does to you, screws ya up!), but not a dollar short. I make lists of things I'm thankful for in my head but then am too tired/busy/distracted to post on Monday night! Forgive me, Harry &... wait, who else reads this?

71. Coming home to really nice notes from my husband
72. Working with supportive people
73. Quick catch-up conversations with my brother (and that he initiates them!)
74. Our Sunday School teachers and their wisdom
75. My husband who cooks and cooks and cooooooks for me
76. Serving with the internationals ministry on Sunday evening and two new older friends, Louie & Judy
77. Rain and cool weather
78. Getting closer with distant family via Hunters & Gatherers and Thursday Trivia (:
79. Finishing Season 5 of Weeds with my husband on Monday night
80. A nice bike ride together on Saturday morning

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