Thursday, February 3, 2011

thermals & surprises

After visiting Ketan for the weekend in Virginia Beach, I'll be heading over to Richmond to see my cousin. We are planning on skiing early Monday morning, which should be ... interesting. I have never been skiing, ever. Not water, not snow, not nothin'. You can save me your horror stories, as all of our friends have told me all of the ups and mostly the downs (literally) of skiing, what to do and what not to do (no worries, I plan on watching some Youtube videos before hitting the sack tonight), and all the stuff in between. Lucky for me, my cousin is a great and patient teacher, so like all of the other things he has taught me (quad rollerskating at age 3, multiplication of double digits at age 6, how to remove Barbie heads at age 8), I expect him to do it well.

That being said, I was in immediate need of thermal underwear (or long johns, as I grew up calling them..but who am I? Just a Floridian!). Jonathan and I refused to pay the $20/piece of under garments from the various ski shops, so I headed to our great Wal-Mart and made the purchase. Naturally there weren't any thermals available in the womens department... My husband came home to me sporting my awesome new threads, but imagine there being this huge amount of space for manhood that I don't have. I caught Jonathan making sideways glances not once, but twice! I look plain silly, and I am very thankful for the bib that will cover me up. This hasn't stopped me from wearing the outfit while doing taxes or catching up with, no. I will proudly wear this outfit until you are peeling it off of me!

Since I don't go to Wal-Mart often, I like to cover all of my bases while I'm there. Valentine's Day is around the corner so I got to looking at cards, hating most of them, and then making my way over to the "Love" section, which is completely unrelated to Valentine's Day. I found a few cards that I absolutely loved, and decided to go ahead and buy them. My plan was to leave them around the house for Jonathan to find while I'm away until Tuesday. I stupidly left the receipt from Wal-Mart on our bed, so when he got home from work he saw the purchases, and not knowing why I would buy so many cards, came into "his office" (that I have been slowly but surely taking over in the last 48-hours) to ask me. Not a fast thinker, and knowing he would keep asking me about the card purchase, I gave in and told him...and this weekend he's taking the cards back. I let him look at all of them in order of my least favorite to favorite (even though all of them were pretty good). I'll share with you my favorite --

{two spoons, looking at one another} "I love spooning with you!"

{two spoons, wrapped around one another} "But not as much as I love forking you!"

BAHAHA. Okay, a little inappropriate but it made us both giggle.

(Spooning is really one of our favorite things to do!)

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