Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30-Day Challenge Update I

Remember our challenge to use pantry odds and ends to both deplete continuously unused items in order to gain storage space, and also possibly rid ourselves of "inorganic"/non-ecofriendly foods and switch to a more local variety? Well we have been working on it. I thought I would go ahead and re-share the list of items we're fiddling with and cross off the foods we have been using in some meals:

30-Day Challenge Official Food List

- chickpeas (2 cans)
- vegetable broth (2 can) (1 can)
- refried beans (1 can)
- black-eyed peas (1 can)
- sweet corn (1 can)
- baked beans (humungo can)
- jasmine rice (1 large bag)
- light red kidney beans (bag - 16oz)
- white albacore tuna (3 cans)
- pasta sauce (2 jars) (1 jar)
- orzo (1 lb)
- spanish flavor boxed rice (2 boxes) (1 box)
- tomato sauce (8 cans, size 8oz)
- corn muffin boxed mix (1 box)
- flame roasted peppers (used, approx. 4oz)
- diced jalapeno peppers (used, approx. 9oz)
- buffalo wing sauce (used, approx. 14oz)
- Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (used, approx. 12oz)
- SBR's Hickory Brown Sugar (used, approx 9oz)
- SBR's Hickory Brown Sugar (18oz)
- Texas toast (6 slices) (3 slices)
- chicken tenderloins (6 pieces)
- chicken tenderloins (full bag, 32oz) (half bag, ~16oz)
- salmon (1 fillet)
- green peas (18oz bag)
- cut broccoli (16oz bag)
- Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer (1 bag)
- peaches (29oz can)
- fruit cocktail (15oz can)

Meal Breakdown
A. Chili, Cornbread & Rice, using the light red kidney beans, box of spanish rice, and the cornbread mix. Jonathan created the chili through a medley of spices, including our diced jalapeno peppers, and everything turned out delish.

B. Arugula Salad & Parmesan Basil Orzo, using the box of orzo and vegetable broth. The orzo was one of my favorites...so good, in fact, I bought more orzo this morning for us to cook up with the last can of vegetable broth!

C. Bow-Tie Pasta with Texas Toast, using, of course, the jar of pasta and three slices of the Texas toast. The bow-tie pasta was also in the pantry, though I didn't include it in the original Official List because we have a lot of half eaten boxes of pasta that really does get eaten.

D. BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Eileen's Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, and Paula Deen's Peach Cobbler -- This was the most Southern meal I have ever cooked, but with the ingredients sitting in my cupboard, I saw no other way around it. To help me feel like less of a cow, we had friends over on Saturday night for dinner to share in all of this food. We ended up using the SBR's BBQ Sauce, the rest of a bag of chicken tenderloins, the humungo can of baked beans (which we still have leftovers of, by the way), and can of peaches for this whole meal. We didn't have any of the main ingredients for Eileen's M&C, so those were purchased, along with hoagie rolls for the sandwiches, and some Magic Hat #9. The cobbler was only so-so because I sort of forgot about it while eating dinner. Baking fail.

I went grocery shopping this morning after work to get a few things for this week's meals and I can't wait to share our further progress with you all later! For now, I need to sleep.

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