Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Twenty-Nine Things

On this day, twenty-nine years ago, my mother-in-law was in labor with her first child. Being in that phase of life where all your friends are having kids (welcome to the world Macy & Silas!), I can only imagine what was going through her mind. All the months of preparation. The nervousness of my father-in-law. That little boy that popped out was raised and shaped and formed to be my husband. I love him. So, in addition to other celebrations (we started early last night with a homemade lemon pie by E. during our Tuesday Night Group), I thought I would name twenty-nine things that are pretty special about him.

1. His diligence to housework (and serving me)
2. With one look and not even a word said, the ability to make me laugh until my stomach hurts
3. If I'm ever trash-talking someone in the privacy of our home (i.e. venting), he'll listen, and then defend them (frustrating at the time, but so many other people would just jump on that train, ya know?)
4. He always dances with me at weddings, and enjoys it
5. His stubbornness, and his ability to admit when he's wrong
6. He challenges me
7. His passion about work, even though it's (boring-to-me) computer/mathematical/engineering/meshing stuff
8. He loves our animal-children almost as much as me (:
9. When we are dressing fancier, he'll make an effort (without me saying anything) to match me and even change outfits to do so
10. He pushes me and tells me I can do something when I feel defeated (and he's always right)
11. His adventurous spirit
12. No joke, his fried eggs are the best, hands down
13. A lot of people might call him reserved, but in our relationship he's not afraid to tell me when something is bothering him
14. He plays tennis with me on the hottest summer days
15. My husband talks in a very specific baby voice, and after months of dating and initial resistance, got me to do the same
16. His massages are better than a licensed masseuse
17. He trusts me
18. He makes wise financial decisions
19. He bought our house, knowing I would love it, even though I had never stepped foot in it
20. Pajamas, in his mind, are known as "jams"
21. He likes to try new things, and you know, put himself out there
22. He calls me out (usually hate it at the time)
23. He respects his parents
24. He loves my mom and brother
25. His dream is to be a stay at home dad (big dream there, buddy!)
26. He gives me a kiss every day that he leaves for work before me, and on the mornings that I leave before him and forget to give him a kiss, he texts me later to tell me how off his day feels
27. There is always a song playing in his head that he's drumming to. Always.
28. He's the best vacuumer this side of .... he's just the best vacuumer (couldn't think of the ending to that phrase
29. He cleans up the dog poop in the backyard by throwing them in neighboring overgrown bushes. So don't ever walk through said bushes.

Happy birthday, babe! I love you!

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