Sunday, May 31, 2009

remember this day, always

Rose in the morning, by David (she was having a fit of nightmares!)

David at night, by Rose (she will have more nightmares!)


Good news everyone! I've gotten my work schedule for the month of June and I'm off every weekend. I didn't expect this, so it was an awesome surprise and I'm milking it for all it's worth.

Last night was our date night, so we headed over to Sandhills for dinner and a movie. Ended up going to an Asian bistro for dindin and then saw Drag Me to Hell, which scared the living bejeesus out of me and I couldn't fall asleep last night. We shared an ice cream after the whole event and then went back to David's to hang around. What really happened was David bored Rose to death by reading about RAW images and such (we're trying to make the conversion), so she ended up sleeping in the guestbed upstairs. Anyway, this morning we finally got up around 10a and went to the gym after breakfast. After a rousing game of racquetball, we headed over to Will's to pick up Wesley and Stephen so we could go to Earlewood Park for frisbee. I just realized mid-sentence how boring this update might be for you guys. Let it be known that we played frisbee for a much longer time that I had intended and I was so so so so soooo beat afterward. This gal isn't used to so much exercise. We showered up at my apartment and then headed back over to Will's for taco night. Watched a bunch of television and such and then David impressed the crowd at Bruster's with his hoolah hooping skills (he's really really good!), as pictured above.

I'm pooped and have church in the morning. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

lol you both are so cute! I'm really glad you two are enjoying yourselves out there. Much love!

David Rose said...

Thanks Lisa! (:

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