Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well as you all know by now, David & I are fully engaged and ready for marriage (April 10, 2010). This past week, I don't really know how it happened exactly, but I said to myself [I says to myself] why haven't I fully utilized my cookbooks? I know why I haven't - lack of time - but, seriously, I am about to be somebody's wife, I need to get ready for this! I called my future-husband and we proposed something even better: each of us will cook three (3) new recipes per week. Piecing together a new family cookbook? Not really, but it seems fun!

I had a lot of leftover bananas from this weekend in Daytona so decided to make banana nut bread. The recipe is from the first cookbook I ever received (from my mom), Better Homes & Garden New Cookbook Limited Edition. I have to admit, this was the very first bread I have ever baked, and it smells gooooood. I won't be able to try some until tomorrow morning, though!

Mmmmm, the house smells like delicious cinnamon/nutmeg/banana delight!

Check back as we attempt to reach our goal. God bless!

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