Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a house, heehee

After weeks and weeks of scouring the city of Columbia, Jonathan finally signed papers today on our first official [rental] house! I'll be moving into it at the end of this month and getting it all sorts of ready for him to move in once we're married. I'm so excited! (I originally punctuated with three exclamation points but then figured you all would get the idea with just one...)

2BR/1.5BA; 1500 sq. ft.; backyard, front and back porch; within 1-mile of the gym and close to our church

Without further adieu:

This is the floorpan drawn by JP. It's obviously not to scale.

Front Porch

Living Room view from the front door

Another view of the LR

Andddd another view (looking into the kitchen) - see that sweet bookcase??

Walking into the Dining Room from the LR

DR view #2

Foyer and/or laundry room and/or music room (and you can see the doorway to the bathroom)

View of "Foyer" (mudroom) from the 1.5 bath

Smalllll bathroom. It'll do!

Here's the kitchen! Aren't the purple lights really kewl??

Other view of kitchen

Bedroom A



Bedroom B

The back porch!

View Larger Map

I'm so so so happpyyyyy. Now to dream about wall colors, furniture, and everything else... la la la, heehee.

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