Monday, February 15, 2010

...and, we're back!

Blogger, oh blogger.. it's been such a long time. (Does anyone even read this?)

Last week we went out with our good friends, Glen & Miriam, when M mentioned our little blog and our goal of three recipes a week. Two things I made a mental note of: (1) update blog immediately, and (2) be more consistent with updating blog. So, here we go!

I have moved into the new house. Things are still a semi-scattered mess, but for the most part things are coming together. We spent Saturday night (seriously, we didn't eat dinner until 11:00pm) finishing the bathroom. It should have been done a few days prior, but I ran out of paint and one thing after another happened.. and, well, here we are. So the bathroom is done, we just need to put a few pictures on the walls. (Then I'll post before and after photos!)

Speaking of Saturday, it was actually very productive despite the snow (yes, Florida friends - for those who haven't heard, it SNOWED here in Columbia. hardxcore too!). I was supposed to have choir rehearsal that morning but my car got stuck in the steep driveway. I need new tires. Also, I don't know why David always insists on having me live at the bottom of hills? Okay okay, so choir didn't happen and I had to wait until about 12:30pm when enough of the ice/snow melted for me to get out of the driveway. I met David at Rooms to Go so we could purchase living room furniture. We had looked at some pieces a few weeks ago and knew what we wanted. Sooo, this is what we purchased:

Mmmm so comfy to nap on. (*Note, we did not purchase the ottoman)

Yawn, I'm sweepy!

Lovely, aye? The seat cushions flip over so we can decide to have the pattern showing or not. I'm not crazy about the striped pillows, but they come with it and can be easily replaced, so we'll figure that out. They're set to arrive February 26th which seems oh so far away, but this rump will just have to make do with the current vinyl loveseat.

Orientation begins for me this Friday and I'm excited to finally start doing stuff (and making money). It's nice to have a sugar daddy for the time being, but darn it all.. I'm bored!

Also, I've been having a lot of wedding nightmares (seriously, every night), so we've tried to focus on getting things done in that area. After a huge hassle with USPS about stamps, we got the invitations mailed out and are waiting for RSVPs to roll on in. I finally purchased my dress, we've decided on groomsmen outfits, we looked at wedding bands and will be purchasing soon. The big thing(s) we have yet to do: Ceremony. We have no idea what we want for music or what we want Mal to say.. or anything! I know things are coming together, though, and that's good.

Well, this has been a lengthy post and I will be back very soon with pictures of food, our home, and each other!


Our House


My car

Is this eucalyptus?

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