Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upcoming Travel

April 8-10: Surprise Anniversary Weekend
April 21-24: Savannah, Georgia
May 25-June 6: Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana
June 7-June 10: Savannah, Georgia
July 1-July 9: Perdido Beach, Alabama
July 26-August 3: Washington, Oregon
September 2-11: Maine, Montreal

I have figured it out and I will be working only three weeks in June, two and a half weeks in July, and three weeks in September.

Life is good. (:

- - - -

I am so looking forward to our alone time together next weekend. I have no idea what Jonathan has planned for us, and as much as I "want to know," I don't actually want to know. In preparation, I will be getting my pampered manicure and pedicure from Soak Salon (my birthday present from my darling husband finally coming to fruition). I will be working Sun/Mon/Tues night and no additional shifts this upcoming week. Boy, am I ever excited for that. (Not looking forward to going in for my fourth day tomorrow.) Everyone has been getting fresh spring cuts and I have been tempted to do the same...but then I look at photos from last August when Sarah & I went to Missouri and I miss my long hair (since I have already cut off 10-inches). Thoughts?

In other news, we are addicted to Mad Men, my brother is an official South Carolina resident, my mom might be coming up for Easter, Jonathan is headed out for testing approx. April 14-May 25 (very sad), and I have been asked to co-chair a committee at work.

How is everyone else?

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