Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today is just a blah day. I woke up feeling blah after my alarm clock didn't go off (phone was on silent), and I felt extra blah after I remembered Jonathan would be leaving for Maryland within the hour. With his coaxing, I gathered myself out of bed, showered, and made us banana pancakes. We enjoyed eating them on the porch, and between the brisk air, chirping birds, and blue sky, I thought to myself - "Maybe this won't be a blah day after all!"

I put on one of my favorite summer dresses (one that I have worn too much in the summer 2009-2010) with a bright yellow cardigan and my new sandals from Target that I love. My toes are still a bright coral from my lovely birthday/anniversary pedicure last week. With all of these bright colors, how could this day be blah at all?

Then I drove downtown for the Dreaded Doctor's Appointment. Blahblahblah. I didn't receive terribly horrible news nor terribly wonderful news and the end result of poking and prodding while I teared up is that I have wait a few weeks to find out anything more. I treated myself to a ChickFilA banana pudding milkshake without even wondering how many WeightWatchers points it was. I just needed it.

It's now blah hour because I have to head to work. I'm actually looking forward to being there even though most people wouldn't want to work on a blah day like this. Something about helping people puts a positive spin on my day (cheesy but it's the truth).

Things I am Looking Forward To:

- Come to the Cross @ Shandon this Sunday
- Deadlines being over tomorrow
- Possibly seeing my cousin at derby in Charlotte on Saturday
- Figuring out meals for my brother and I
- Camping in Savannah next week with close friends
- Enjoying the beach at Tybee Island for three full days
- Coming home to my mother enjoying Easter with us
- Seeing Jonathan the second week of May when I drive up to Maryland

That's all I have for now.

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