Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have been up for 22-hours.

Jonathan will be home from work pretty soon and then we are headed up to Charlotte for the beginning of our adventure! The only thing left to pack are our passports, and the only thing left to do is shower. It's actually unbelievable; I look grungy as all get out, sitting around the house in my underwear for the better part of the morning until I remembered I had to drop off some important paperwork to Human Resources which is about 10-min away from the house. I quickly put on a 4-yr old grey dress, slipped on some grey flip flops and bolted out the door, driving in an almost haze as my stomach grumbled from lack of sleep (Does that ever happen to you? If you work night shift it would!..or at least it does for me.). When I got to HR there were a bunch of firetrucks everywhere but I ignored them, flipped into a parking space, and practically jogged to the door (paperwork had to be in by noon; it was 11:55). I signed in and they told me the bad news - the elevator wasn't working. No problem, I practically ran up four flights of stairs and was impressed with myself that I wasn't out of breath. Handed in my paperwork to the appropriate person at 11:57 and ran back down to check out. As I was exiting the door into the -blistering- 96F heat, a woman commented on how beautiful I look in my dress. [Do you see these bags on my face? The smeared makeup? The sort of lost look in my eyes that happens after a grueling 12-hour shift and then hurriedly packing last minute items before a huge trip?] I smiled and continued almost running to my car.

Just checked in with the weather. It's still snowing/miserable in Yellowstone right now, but I have a feeling God is going to bless us while we're there! On June 3rd, which is as far as the forecast goes, we're looking at "mostly sunny" skies, high of 56 and low of 35. We might be dipping ourselves into the hot springs after all!

Some photos from Flickr to see what we will be adventuring in for the next two weeks:


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