Tuesday, May 10, 2011

water, advil, deep sigh

Do you ever feel just incredibly stressed? This is the second (possibly third) summer in a row that I have over-committed myself. I am not necessarily complaining, sure it's awesome to travel a lot, see friends and new places...and when I am planning these adventures I always seem to forget how quickly the traveling can become exhausting. We are headed to Salt Lake City, etc. in two weeks. While I have all of our campsites booked, our general itinerary (preferred hikes and views) planned, I still feel like there is a ton to do. I've only breezed through our two Yellowstone/Grand Tetons travel books and feel super overwhelmed by the diversity of the park. Zion/Bryce/Arches/GC appear to be so straight forward; there are consistencies between TripAdvisor, Fodors, Lonely Planet with top notch things to do. With Yellowstone/GT, there is just so much - so many areas, so many tips/advice to avoid crowds, so many trails. It doesn't help that NPS doesn't allow for advanced reservations, and I refuse to stay at a Xanterra site. On top of that, I have a quickly approaching Washington/Oregon trip for late July, a small nursing reunion mid June, and a Maine/Montreal trip in September! I don't even want to think about the 9 credits I signed myself up for this summer semester as well.

The last five days were great. I was able to spend much-needed quality time with Jonathan -- we made a day trip to Annapolis and then DC, I watched huge quantities of television, slept even more than that... and now I am headed back to work tomorrow.

The 16+ hours I spent driving lent to lots of reflection, as it always does. Quite a few things I wanted to write about popped into my head, but those will have to be done at a later date. I did want to say one thing, though -- how much I love our church. I have written about it briefly before, but it isn't until I am away for so long that I realize the true blessing it is in my life. I will add more to this later..

What a disjointed post, I am sorry. I going to do some Bible reading and hopefully fall fast asleep. Goodnight everyone!

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