Monday, September 19, 2011

House Update: Bathroom 1

Last week after working a night shift I drove to Lowe's and stared blankly at a wall of color, unable to focus on even the names of each one. Giving up, but in need of supplies, I drove to Target..and that is where I got my second wind. I fell in love with a shower curtain and mentally came up with something that would be sure to please [my husband]. I raced back to Lowe's, found the paint color, purchased primer, brushes and rollers, and somehow made it home. But that's not the miracle.

The miracle is I was able to stay awake until 4pm, taping off the room, priming, allowing it to dry, and painting our first floor bathroom "Peach Frenzy." I hung our new curtain, cleaned the counters, lit some candles and called it a day. I texted sneaky photos to friends and my husband found me two hours later drooling on our new mattress.

You see, I painted the entire room without even consulting him. Daring, I must admit. I knew he would love it (okay that's a lie, I totally freaked out after it was all said and done with, but friends told me it would be okay and he would love it). Do you know why?




Yes, that is right.. Gator colors! The Peach Frenzy isn't as orange in natural light (seen in these photos with tungsten; it was getting later out when I finally snapped photos), and I love staring at the color when I am sitting on the toilet. (TMI?)

We are purchasing these prints:

from Society 6 by the artist Abby Diamond.

Shower Curtain

What do you think?

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