Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Multitude Monday, Week XXI

231. flexible teachers/professors
232. helpful/serving coworkers
233. spending the last dying moments with a patient
234. a super relaxing, non-stress, unplanned vacation with my husband
235. coming home to Gilly
236. coming home to Kris
237. having a home to come home to!
238. organizing/planning a Bible study
239. less is more
240. reconnecting with old friends again and again
241. friends' new relationships
242. being able to relate to a dear friend through Christ
243. our long, beautiful day in Acadia (and the three hour nap)
244. multicultural friends
245. reliability in my partner
246. flexible schedule
247. the New Hampshire White Moutains
248. dinner every night at the table
249. the luxuries of life: shampoo, hot water, Qtips
250. being cured of the post-wedding creativity lull

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Qtips <3

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