Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Update: Kitchen

Okay so I have showed you the new bathroom and dining room, but let me tell you, the kitchen, by far, has been the biggest improvement. At first we thought we might like the pea-green color, I mean our old bathroom was a greyish green version of it. But no, it's not true, and I hated it. Whenever I would wash dishes, instead of happily gazing out the window at our beautiful tree-lined backyard, I would just grumble angry thoughts to myself about how much I despised the color and make a mental list of all the thing I would change. It was quite a negative process, and I am so happy that we have fixed a huge part of it! As always, the before and after shorts:


As with our dining room, we had a few unexpected issues along the way, like multiple coats of primer, the tedious job of painting brick, and incorrect colors. The time with the color, though, it was mostly my fault. I envisioned super soft mint green walls, so chose Valspar Belle Grove Sorbet. Almost immediately after putting it on the walls, though, I knew it was on the extreme end of super soft and would not provide the contrast to the white brick/crown molding/white ceiling that I wanted. I stomped my feet and pouted, succumbing to this barely-noticeable green color...until my ever-patient and loving husband reminded me that we can easily choose a different color. Isn't he wise? (: We ventured back to Lowes, and after scouring over all of the super soft mint green colors they had to offer, we settled on Valspar Pillow Mint, which sounded just delectable. And it is. I love our new kitchen! We painted the wall of the stove Valspar Du Jour white (that looks pinkish on my screen?), because we plan to put some white tile backsplash behind the counters.


Other things on the to-do list for this room include:
- removing that awful blue hanging light over the sink
- installing a pot rack to the left of the stove
- attaching a magnetic knife holder to the wall (place to be determined)
- hanging a shelf to the breakfast nook area to place our iHome, along with cookbooks
- attaching plant-hanging hooks to breakfast nook wall
- creating a chalk board for the wall

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Lauren Robinson said...

love the DIY home improvements- I need you to come inspire me at my house!! Great job!


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