Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Update: Dining Room

We've been busy little bees and the past few months have just flown by!  After tackling the downstairs bathroom on very little sleep, our next painting project was the dining room.  If you remember from our introductory photos the dining room was a very bold reddish orange (more on the red side than the photos show):

While my in-laws declared they love the color (and I did too at one point -- my bedroom at the age of 16 was a very similar color), I've realized that my personality as-of-late has been leaning toward the "colder" colors: blues, greys, whites. This, of course, has started many-a-hot debate in our household, as my husband still enjoys yellows and browns. Anyway, I digress.  One Saturday afternoon a little over a month ago, J. primed (three coats!) and started painting our red dining room a deep blue color. Naturally, not much comes easy to us, and after several runs to Lowes (a certain paint-mixer incorrectly mixed our lovely Valspar Belle Grove Victory Blue in the wrong base which produced a peachy orange, resemblant of our new bathroom color), along with arm aches, stained clothing, and much complaining, we have our new dining room color:

Isn't it wonderful? Please ignore the strange shadows on the walls; rest assured that we do, indeed, have even paint strokes (after two or three coats...).  Aside from the paint, we also purchased a new craftsman dining room table from World Market (and we love it!).  Our families will be in town for Thanksgiving and I'm excited to serve the meal on a proper piece of wood.  You might also notice that the electrical outlet covers are no longer the garish gold plates of yesteryear; I used a textured brass-hammered spray paint (that I purchased last December in hopes of recovering some old ornaments..with no luck).  We both like the look so much that I will probably spray paint the rest of the covers from the hallway and bathroom with the same color.  And today I removed those lampshades off of the chandelier. I have a few ideas for it, but this was my first step toward a more stylistically-pleasing piece.  What do you think?  We still have a curtain to hang on that window -- just haven't had the time yet -- so I will be sure to update with that.  We've been scouring the internet for possible and appropriate prints for our dining room (again, my husband and I can't come to an agreement on what is appropriate...), but we haven't found anything yet to suit us. And lastly, on our long list of "wants"/projects is a breakfast hutch for the corner, where we can store our mix-matched plates that we have from our wedding!

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Dawn said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love the table too!

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