Sunday, July 15, 2012

Perfect Weekend

After working some overtime the past few weeks, I was ready for a break. Didn't expect such a perfect weekend, but God has a way of blessing me and showing me grace even though I am so undeserving. After re-reading old journal entries, and thus realizing my recent lack of journaling, thought it wise to document some of these possibly-otherwise-forgotten memories.

Friday: pool all day with friends; dinner date with husband at Chick-Fil-A; drinks at Hunters-Gatherers and World of Beer; Moonrise Kingdom at Nickelodeon Theatre

Saturday: sleeping in until 10:00am; morning pineapple-strawberry-banana smoothie; Desperate Housewives; grocery shopping; nap; more Desperate Housewives; homemade blueberry pie; Mid-Summer Night Party at R. and S.'s; late night bike rides home

Sunday: sleeping in until 9:30am; egg-cheese omelet and blackberries to be shared with husband in car while driving to church; thought- and act-provoking Sunday School message;  a church to love and be loved in; lunch date with good friends; pool day; coming home to ice cold water and cold blackberries; husband in office listening to Pearl Jam, windows open and evening light pouring in; leftovers for dinner; night of rest and relaxation

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