Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Jasper!

Meet our new Aussie pup, Jasper Bubs! We picked him up last week and have since been (very) slowly learning how to raise a puppy. He's fun, he's whiny, he's playful, he's affectionate, and he's a biter. We have a ways to go, but he is already so loved. On one of my days off, I slept in and the animals curled around me -- Gilly spooning me on my bottom half, Jasper on top of my shoulders. It was too sweet. (:

Some of his favorite things to do are:
  • chew on your toes while you are walking; 
  • have his belly rubbed; 
  • have his butt scratched;
  • follow you around the house;
  • whine when you don't pay enough attention to him;
  • meet new friends (humans & animals alike!)
So far, Hope and Sadie are his best dog buds. Anyone want to have a doggie playdate?


Kathleen said...

Cracking UP at the baby-esque 7 weeks photos. Super cute..I can't wait to meet you, Jasper!

Jordan Howe said...

As much as Kota loves little dogs AND loves playing momma I'm sure she's dying to meet the little man...

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