Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Columbia | 12-14 October 2012

So many good things have been happening lately that it's been hard to keep up with writing about them. We have so many photos still not loaded on our computers, I don't even want to think about it! This is all good stuff, no complaints here.

A few weeks ago my good friend S. came up with her boy, B. (And yes, they have the same magical initials as the stars of GG! Lucky them.) There was a Jam Room Music Festival that caught their eye and they couldn't resist the allure of Cola. Friday night, after having a delicious dinner outside, we went to Incarnation Lutheran's Holy Schnitzel Oktoberfest. It was fun! Good beer, German polka, sugary desserts, face painting, and best of all -- bouncy house! I love those things, and it had probably been about six years (too long) since I had last bounced in one. Whew, what a good cardiovascular workout, haha.

Saturday morning after a yum-yum breakfast outside (beautiful weather!) we headed downtown for the opening weekend of the new location for Soda City All Local Farmers Market. We had samples of some good stuff, made notes on things to purchase later (like fresh pasta!), and then slowly walked our way over to The Flying Saucer. Just when S. & B. thought they were done with German-inspired food, we showed them some more tasty treats!

Afterward the music festival was starting up. The main act that S. was interested in was her all-time favorite band, The Hold Steady, and they would be head-lining at 8:30pm. We had six hours to enjoy local bands! It was fun! I think my favorite performance was by Can't Kids. J. and I realized the last show we had been to might have been in Chicago 2010. Sad!

Once our ears were throughoughly deafened and our legs were aching, we drove ourselves back to the good ole Forest Acres and stopped at Italian Pie for a few slices. (And also watched USC lose to LSU! Yup, we were the only ones secretly cheering for the other team. Awkwarddd.)

The next morning we shared another breakfast outside (again, just beautiful weather!) and said our sad goodbyes. S. & B. were headed for Florida, with some stops at Savannah and St. Augustine on the way! I'm jealous of their vacation! J. and I headed to church, and since a lot of our friends were away for the weekend, we ended up having our very first picnic lunch with Jasper. There is a small park not too far away from us (and actually, right across the street from our old rental) that my brother had always coined The Dog Park, even though it isn't an official dog park. When we got there, I understood why. There were so many people with their dogs enjoying the gorgeous day with us! J. and I had leftover pizza, veggies, and fruit, and basically took turns walking with Jasper while the other ate. I am sure this is a little window in to what it would be like with a fresh babe in our life. (:

Once the weekend was over, I wanted to scream -- this was the best weekend ever!! But then I realized we've been having good weekends all month! October, you may have upped your position on my "favorite month" list. (Yes, there is a list.) Enough of this chatter, here are some photos!

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Lauren Robinson said...

Amber- I love your pics, and it sounds like you had a great weekend! It totally makes me want to hang out with you even more....we are setting a date with no negotiations. And, you have to bring that precious doggie!!


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