Monday, October 15, 2012

Midlands Plant & Flower Festival | 29 September 2012

ER MER GOURD what I kept thinking when we headed into the SC State Farmers Market the morning of the Plant & Flower Festival. Boxes and boxes of interesting gourds! Look at these things!

When we were finally er-mer-gourded out, we perused the new fall blooms. I was in chrysanthemum heaven!

The other flowers were all right but paled in comparison... (:

I was totally vying for this piece of yard-art, hand-crafted from old license plates! Look at this beautiful upcycle:

And, finally, but definitely not least -- look at this gorgeous succulent creation! Love it!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I didn't know that there was a flower festival! Why am I missing out on all the cool things in life?!?! I need a life readjustment ... sigh.

Louise the Cat and Roomies said...

Hey! I know that little gourd!

ambuhhh said...

April - We need to hang out more!
Jessie - He jumped into my purse shortly after I picked him up!

Lauren Robinson said...

Awesome finds! Isn't the fall season the best?? I love all of those gourds/pumpkins/mums, etc.


Anonymous said...

I just saw your comment back, Amber, and I agree! I need to get my calendar together, send it to you and then you send me yours calendar and then we can coordinate. And I need to blog some more. It's pitiful.

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