Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekly Yums | 9-15 September 2013

birthday dinner @ J.'s
crabby patties, pasta, bacon wrapped asparagus, French bread, cake!

tuesday night group, hosted by us!
peach, arugula, corn pizza; fruit; Caesar salad; dessert TBD


large black bean and corn salad

breakfast burritos

burgers, corn on the cob, baked beans, salad

salmon, brown rice, asparagus

kinda lost my motivation to post these weekly and bi-weekly meals, but after a few weeks of vacation time, i felt inspired enough to do so. somehow got lost on the internet yesterday, perusing through new blogs and recipes and before i knew it three hours had passed. don't you kinda hate and love when that happens? it led to a ton of new (vegetarian) recipes that i would like to try. woohoo for new things! also, autumn is just around the corner, and it is by far my least favorite season -- especially for cooking. we signed up for a CSA share (which we should be receiving next weekend, methinks) so i'm curious to see if that will change my outlook. remember last year i tried to embrace all things pumpkin and soup? and ended up with only a few things i liked? yeah. i need that kind of new perspective. how's everyone doing?

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