Friday, June 12, 2009

Positive Feedback

Well, guys. I just read David's first post, and he is right (of course) - I do wish he would have told me about helping Mr. Chicken Wings out... I'm so proud of him! For those of you who don't know David (though I think most of you do), he is generally pretty reserved (especially with strangers) and quiet. And his attitude toward giving change out was spot on -- which is why I usually push him to the side of me when we're walking by said homeless person. I get really uncomfortable when I have change/cash in my pocket, super guilty feelings and all. Like he said, this isn't the right attitude to have, but nonetheless we have it. Anyway, I called him right after I read it. He acted really bashful about it, but I am just really really proud of him! I hope you all can encourage him when you see him to keep that servant's mindset for a lifetime.

I've had to work three 12-hr shifts in a row, and I was a bit worried about it, but it seems as though I have pulled through fine. Not too much had happened at work until today. I got to see my first real-live-in-person Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG - prounounced "cabbage") today! While our floor doesn't care for post-operative CABG patients, I went ahead and asked my nursing manager if I could observe a surgery for one our pre-operative patients. He coordinated the whole thing, so I went to work EARLY this morning so I could scrub in and watch a surgeon saw through a sternum, cut pieces of fat away from the heart, suture a triple bypass, and everything else that goes along with it. Tonight I spent almost two hours telling my entire experience (seriously, from 7:00a until 12:00p) to David. I know I could never be an OR RN, but I really like being able to watch surgeries once in a while. I was about a foot away watching a bleeding heart pulsate before my very eyes! This upcoming week will be pretty busy: for my program, we get to shadow in other areas where we are interested. So, on Monday I will be in a psychiatric/mental health ward/hospital (which is part of the hospital I work at) and on Tuesday I will be in the Emergency Department. More news on that later (I am SO EXCITED). Moving on...

Last night I met with a group of girls for a Women's Bible Study. One of the girls from Sunday School, April, has had this ongoing Bible Study on various topics, so I was able to finally join. I had such a wonderful time. Our discussion topic was faith, and it was so relieving to hear other women my age affirm things I feel in my heart. My Christian journey has been difficult this past year or so, and these past few weeks have just been really fruitful for me. I am starting to finally get the "big picture" of fellowship - that which I thought I really had with the men and women from my church in Florida. I now realize how different it is to find that in people your age, too. (This, of course, isn't to say that I'm unhappy with my experiences with Beacon back home, or even that I would change churches, but it is definitely an eye opener.) Anyway, we meet again in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is Friday and I don't have work so I get to sleep in! Other planned activities: clean, go to bank, go to gym, wait for boyfriend. We have an action packed weekend - a scavenger hunt, church, tubing. (:

I feel so encouraged and motivated, so I am just praying that it shows through my actions and I can encourage and motivate others!

I hope you all have been having a nice week.

God Bless,

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