Monday, August 9, 2010


Two things I have been very bad at this summer: housework & blogging. I only see the latter as "important" because between David and I, we've been doing a lot of traveling! I never posted, but here is a list of the tentative summer itinerary:

June 4-8: MD, DC, Richond VA (I actually posted pictures of this!!)
June 17-20: Savannah GA
June 9-13: Palm Beach Gardens FL
July 18-20: Cherokee NC
July 30 - August 1: St. Petersburg FL
August 14-15: Brevard NC
August 26-30: Nashville TN, St. Louis MO
September 8-14: Chicago IL

As you can see, more than half of these occurred, and we only have three trips left before our "season of traveling" will sort of die down. No worries! Aside from dedicating myself to writing thank you cards (No, we still have not finished our wedding thank yous, what's wrong with us?! Look above.), I plan to really catch up. Heck, photos from last year's trip to Washington or my graduation trip to Utah/Arizona/Nevada are still not properly documented on the internet! Between the two of us, we have three computers (plus three external harddrives) with a scattering of unorganized folders on the desktop. It's really just horrible.

As far as housework goes... well, it's really not as bad as I'm making it out to be. It's just our mudroom has become the catchall and that bothers me! I can take one look over my shoulder and see leftover programs from our wedding, a Twilight Blast Frisbee, poker set, Fodor's The Carolinas & Georgia, two camera bags, a multitude of cords, a stack of frames... the list goes on (and that's just over my left shoulder!).

What I'm really trying to say is that our life has just been incredibly busy. I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities both of us have had to travel since April, but I really am ready to hang out in town with friends at home, ya know? Our summer roommate, Karthik, moved out on Saturday (also David's birthday!), and I think that's when I realized just how quickly the summer has gone by.

So, here is a list of goals to help keep both of us focused on what's important:

(1) FINISH THANK YOU CARDS. Oh my gosh, you cannot even believe how much time I spent thinking about doing this, but then not doing it. We have a little over 30% complete. We started them in June. What the heckkk is wrong with us?

(2) MULTITUDE MONDAYS. Our friend Miriam told us about this, and I'm finally going to take the initiative and try to do this. (See next post.)

(3) RUN A 5K. Originally we were planning for September, but that month is already looking way busy (going to Chicago and all), so now we're shooting for October.

(4) KEEP OUR FRIENDS UPDATED ABOUT OUR LIFE. This maybe isn't a totally unselfish goal, but it would give me at least some semblance of organization in our life, which would help overall probably.

(5) WEEKLY DINNERS WITH FRIENDS. Before David had to leave a few times for work, we were having friends over semi-regularly for dinner. It was really nice. I want to continue.

Andddd it's time to fold laundry, do dishes, attempt to fix one of the external harddrives (and not enter panic mode!), and post my first Multitude Monday!

Hope you all are doing wonderful. God Bless!

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