Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boy, You So Smooth!

A few months ago we bought this Soy Powdered Protein stuff from Sam's Club that was vanilla flavored with the intention to make smoothies "all of the time". Basically David made them quite a few times...for himself, and I always politely declined. Last week, for some weird reason, I decided to make one (I think I was craving something sweet), sans and milk or soy products. So I grabbed some of our leftover frozen fruit, a very ripe banana, and some orange juice and went to town. Since then we have had one smoothie a night.. sometimes David politely declines, and I think -- GREAT! MORE FOR ME! These smoothies really are great because they are truly all natural, no preservatives, no added sugar. I already had a smoothie today as an afternoon snack, but after Bible Study I was craving one and came up with the idea to photograph the process, which means David could be involved.

These photographs aren't wonderfully set up with the full shebang lighting like most blogs I follow, but whatevs, I was getting impatient and wanted to make the smoothie! (This is also why my newer recipe updates on Facebook - if you follow - have been mobile uploads instead of nice SLR photographs .. too hungry/impatient to take the time for it all!) Thanks to David for all of the photos, and letting me have my second smoothie of the day! HA!

INGREDIENTS (this time)

(*pls note the special Simply Orange WITH MANGO. Kroger was having a sale, apparently, so David picked it up.. definitely gives a little tang to the smoothie, but I think I prefer my high pulp Simply Orange)

1-2C OJ w/ Mango!

1/2 -12C frozen strawberries

1/2 - 1C frozen blackberries, blueberries, raspberries

1-2 bananas (the riper, the better!)






Anonymous said...

Looks SOOOOOOO tasty!! ~Meredith & Brett

David Rose said...

SO GOOD. I figured out the calories tonight.. averages about 360 calories with two heaping servings or four normal servings, so 180/90, depending on how much you have. (Never realized bananas had so many calories in them!)

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