Thursday, October 28, 2010

Multitude Monday, Week XII

So I guess this portion of the blog (the only part that I manage to update fairly regularly) should really be called "Multitude Any Day of the Week". (: I just got home from my third night in a row, all vaccinated and ready for bed! This day is always hardest because I don't really know what the appropriate amount of time for sleep is.. I'm trying to stay up until 10:00am so I can make some ferry reservations for the upcoming birthday weekend camping trip in honor of my best friends Kathleen & Ashley, though Ashley will be the only one of the two present (along with other friends). This week has been a rollercoaster.

111. My car getting washed by my lovely husband Sunday afternoon while I napped (:
112. Getting my schedule for November and being able to start planning Thanksgiving
113. My ANM working with me to fine tune the December schedule so David & I can make a trip to Florida
114. A fun lunch date with always-awesome hubby at the hospital on Saturday..and the subsequent "boring" tour
115. Week two of loving smoothies (though a severe lack in making them the past few days!)
116. Loving and encouraging conversations with both sets of parents
117. News of a pregnant friend!
118. Painless visit to the OBGYN (completely unrelated to #117)
119. Being able to afford health insurance
120. A friend's awesome weightloss journey

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