Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recovering from Death & Dying

Things are good... and I couldn't wait until Monday. Despite tragic news earlier this week, God still moves things around in life to help me see the positive. Hubby & I got up early (like, 6:30am - and it wasn't even a work day!) to shoot Kara & David's engagement photos. I was especially excited for it because (a) my husband was there with me, (b) we both have new (and majorly upgraded) equipment, and (c) both of us feel so comfortable with both parties, so it made shooting that much easier. Plus, it's nice to see David with his woman! Come back from Tampa, Kara!! After the photo shoot, we ran some errands (Halloween costume in the works), watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, and then drove to Charlotte for my cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday party. It is amazing to me how gorgeous, smart, and fun that little girl is. I only work three more days this week (boo that one of them is a Sunday) and then I will have about six days off, four of those spent camping with some of my closest friends. Ashley is turning 25 very soon, so a nice visit to a Georgia State Park sounded fabulous. The day I was feeling especially bummed, I received this huge package from Germany from my good friend Ketan. He's doing a three month internship there for optometry school, and in just a few weeks he'll be staying with us on his way to Virginia for another internship. We can't wait to see him! And I've eaten almost the entire bag of gummi bears already... Knowing that God made all of this come together in a week where I was feeling especially depressed makes me so thankful that I know Him and have opened my heart to Him. On Friday I got off of work and had a beautiful voicemail waiting for me - just what I needed, parting words - "We lives our lives to glorify God and all of the other stuff that makes us upset or seems so important just really doesn't matter." I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the friends in my life, the way they have changed me for the better, sometimes not even realizing it until five years later. It's time for bed, I have work in the morning, I love you all.

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