Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday, Week XIII

Here we go...two weeks' worth!

121. A glorious weekend with friends
122. Seeing thirty one wild horses on Cumberland Island
123. Finding new treasures on the beach
124. Staying warm despite the cold
125. Witnessing bright and beautiful shooting stars for the first time
126. Being able to share "nursing stories" with my best friend...and her getting them
127. Kind people who care about the environment/animals
128. Catching up with friends on the phone
129. Celebrating birthdays
130. A supportive Sunday School teacher and the possibility of a large group camping trip in the near future...headed by me!
131. Feeling at home in Columbia
132. Power of prayer
133. Being honest
134. My loving, loving husband
135. Planning meals for our first Thanksgiving together!
136. Trying new crockpot recipes while camping (and them being a success!)
137. Quiet moments by the river
138. Culture and history and those that teach it
139. Giving to live
140. God always preparing me for life.

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