Friday, August 26, 2011

7-Day Challenge

As you might remember from this post (and here & here), months ago we challenged ourselves to create enough meals within 30-days using mostly our pantry and fridge leftovers. Well, with this pending move (closing was moved from today to next Wednesday; thanks, Irene and FEMA), I would like to do the same thing 7 days.

We've been in and out of town this summer so things have been building up again, though I will say, it's not as "bad" as before. I just perused our fridge and cabinets, threw out expired food (almost always condiments), and created The List. Please see below!

7-Day Challenge Official Food List

- fat-free sour cream (2 partially used containers, approx. 9oz)
- hummus (2 partially eaten containers)
- spaghetti sauce (2 partially eaten jars, approx. 16oz)
- crab meat (2 cans, 8oz each)
- salsa (1/2 jar)
- French dressing (1/2 bottle)
- Simply Potato red potato wedges (**do not recommend this brand! very difficult to cook)
- Mission tortilla chips (2 partially eaten bags, approx. 1 full bag if put together)
- refried beans (1 can)
- no-salt sweet corn (1 can)
- lasagna (5 noodles)
- orzo (1/2 box)
- ronzoni noodles (1lb)
- vegetable broth (32oz)
- jasmine rice
- baking potatoes (4 large)
- low-carb wheat tortillas (1 tortilla)
- Mission flour tortillas (8 tortillas)

I already have a few meals forming in my mind. Time to go shopping!

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