Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Dinner Picnics

Tonight my husband and I lamented about last summer's dinner picnics. We absolutely loved eating outside on our screened-in porch any time we wanted to, even in the rain. Currently, we do not have the same setting for dinner picnics, but we are working on it. Feeling a sense of desperation with the fleeting sunlight, I asked J. to go ahead and pull our patio furniture out of the garage so we could please enjoy this gorgeous spring weather. Thankfully, he obliged and set to cleaning the furniture while I cooked up a quick dinner. No menu planning this week, so I pulled out some things from our fridge and pantry. Do you all have stock items that you most always have in your house? Spinach, pasta, sauce, and fruit are almost always in our home, and they all ended up in my version of dinner tonight!

  • spinach, arugula, & onion red sauce pasta topped with goat cheese
  • spinach, arugula & chopped apple salad
  • plum/clementine/kiwi fruit salad

We're both looking forward to having an outdoor space to share dinner with friends. What is your favorite aspect of spring?


mamabird64 said...

a decision yet on the backyard makeover?

ambuhhh said...

I think we're going to do stamped concrete. We've been trying to work out a decent price.

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