Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Grocery Report: 29 May 2012

After last week's budget goal fail grocery report, I am considering making this a weekly/biweekly feature to kind of keep track of my spending in a different way, and also to see how we can better use the food items we do buy. Nothing depresses me more than having to throw out produce-gone-bad so I am hoping our grocery shopping will become more intentional and we'll see less waste as a result.

BOGO Items  
(2) BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter $3.49
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks Hot Dogs $2.60
Bush's Grillin' Beans $1.08

ON SALE Items  
(2) Publix Frozen Tuna Steaks $11.98
Banderita Soft Taco Tortillas $1.99
Red Potatoes (5lb bag) $2.99
(2) Strawberries $5.00
(4) Pineapples (only $2.99 each!) $11.96
(2) Asparagus bunches $8.43
Tomato $0.60
(3) Mangoes $3.00
(6) Avocados $6.00
(2) Sweet Vidalia Onions $1.43
Garlic $0.42
Red Bell Pepper $1.65

Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips $2.00
Blue Diamond Almond Milk - Vanilla $3.09
Boca Burgers $3.89
Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Vegetable) $2.69
Bush's Cannellini Beans 14.5oz can $1.13
Publix Diced Tomatoes 14.5oz can $0.89
(3) Green Chile 4oz cans $3.57
Publix Whole Milk 1 pint $1.79
Cabot Low-Fat Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt $4.29
Publix Heavy Whip Cream $2.89
Publix Black Pepper $2.39
Granny Smith Apples 3lb bag $4.99
Fresh Cut Flowers $4.00
(2) Green Onion bunches $1.19
(6) Bananas $1.83

Total Savings $29.79
Total Spent (after tax) $107.67

With all of these fruits and vegetables being in-season right now it's hard not to take advantage of the price savings.  I know, four pineapples seems a bit much, but these, along with the mangoes, are fruits that can be cut and frozen for later use.  J. and I have been on a pineapple kick lately so we may or may not have to freeze a few of this big guys.  The tuna steaks weren't originally planned purchases (if you read my Weekly Yums post prior to my edit you saw that I was planning on making salmon), but the price was hard to beat (one of the packages of tuna is for future use.)! I kind of splurged on some dairy products with the plan to perhaps make strawberry ice cream this week; we keep a bag of frozen strawberries for smoothies, but I'll usually use fresh strawberries for snacks or salads, and before they go bad I make a batch of ice cream (that's when they taste the sweetest, too!). The cost of green chiles and bell peppers is almost absurd and after seeing the fruits of a friend's labor, I would like to look into growing our own peppers.  The lighters are replacements for those that have gone missing.  We don't usually eat hot dogs at home, but we have leftover hot dog buns from our weekend camping trip and I'd rather try to use them than let the bread go bad.  I think I pay a bit too much for the cream cheese and will consider alternative bagel spreads (butter and jelly? butter and honey?) after I've finished this container off.  Some items that will last a few weeks or more are the apples, Greek yogurt, Boca burgers, and black pepper.  I couldn't help but treat myself to some bright purple mums. (:

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