Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Grocery Report: 5 & 12 June 2012

5 June 2012  
12 June 2012 not pictured

BOGO Items 
Quorn Chicken Cutlets $3.00
(2) Quorn Chicken Patties $5.99
(4) Freschetta Pizza $13.10
(2) Thomas' Whole Wheat Engish Muffins $3.99
(4) Monterey Raviolis (a variety) $7.98
Sargento Fancy Sharp Cheddar Cheese $2.00

ON SALE Items 
(6) Publix Yogurts (a variety) $3.00
Cabot Low Fat Greek Yogurt Vanilla Bean $3.00
Publix Caesar Dressing $2.00 
(3) Bags Romaine Hearts $8.67 

Publix Frozen Fruit (Strawberry) $9.99
Publix Hamburger Buns $1.09
(6) Bananas $1.90
Prego Three Cheese Red Sauce $2.39
Publix Whipped Cream Light $1.99 
(2) Publix Feta Crumbles $4.78 
Parsley $0.99 Publix Spinach $2.49 
Multigrain Baguette $2.09 
Grape Tomatoes 2.99 
(2) Lemons $1.33 
(3) Squash Zucchini $2.19 
Publix Pecan Halves $4.59
Publix Clover Golden Honey $3.65
EZ Foil Pasta Pan $2.99 
Crown Roaster Foil Pan $1.79
(8) Publix Regular Spaghetti $7.12 
(3) Publix Red Sauce $5.07
Publix Grated Parmesan/Romano Cheese $2.89

Total Savings $38.47
Totals (before tax): $26.10
Totals (before tax):  $30.53
Total Spent (after tax): $118.84 
*totals reflect the cumulative 5 & 12 June's bills

These last two shopping trips were interesting in that the food purchased wasn't necessarily just for our consumption and I thought it would be interesting to make it part of the price breakdown this week. You may notice the different colors above. The orange reflects items purchased for a meal cooked for 9 people (Tuesday Night Group // ~$3.00/person) and the purple reflects items for a partially purchased meal cooked for 20 people (Ronald McDonald House // ~$1.53/person -- this is not a true reflection because K. contributed items not calculated in the totals).  We still have quite a bit of leftover food items from last grocery report, and there were even leftover products from these larger meals we cooked (i.e. the honey, spinach, grated cheese, and leftover TNG meal).  I was initially horrified after checking out yesterday, but it's good for me to analyze our purchases like I am -- with this report in mind, we actually spent +/- $63 on food for two weeks for just our household. Amazing!  I have noticed that I have become more aware of my spending in both planning and on-site shopping. My brother is coming home tonight, so it will be interesting how our grocery reports will fluctuate with his large appetite. I'm considering making homemade freezer foods for him so he can easily heat the items up later on. He knows how to cook but is very lazy about doing so, and I don't really want to buy a bunch of freezer food due to the cost and nutritional reasons (splurged this week on the pizza per J.'s request).  Any ideas?

Below are a few pictures of the food being put to good use!

cut up veggies for PW's recipe

The spaghetti dinner K. & I created for the Ronald McDonald House last night! (spaghetti, garlic/Parmesan bread, Caesar salad; brownies for dessert -- thanks K. for your help!!)

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