Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel: Crooked River SP | 2-4 November 2012

Two of my best friends' birthdays occur just a few days apart, so it has become somewhat of a tradition to go camping on or near those special days. This year was no different, however, it is sometimes a challenge finding a place that is somewhat equal distance between SC and FL. Well, for those of you in similar predicaments -- looks no further than Crooked River State Park in St. Marys, Georgia! This park has actually been a group favorite since our first trip for Memorial Day weekend in 2008. We have gone back several times since then, so it remains a top choice. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere, but driving distance to pretty cool things -- our favorite two destinations being Cumberland Island National Seashore and Jekyll Island.

Reminiscing about past trips is probably another post for another day, but let it be said that this trip was magical like every other. We chose Jekyll Island as our day trip on Saturday, and amidst the biting sand fleas there is real beauty abound. The driftwood, live oak, expansive beaches, cute and cheery white (and also dilapidated) houses on the main drive, grassy picnic overlooks... For those that may not know, the Memorial Day weekend trip in 2008, and specifically, our drive out to Jekyll Island, is where J. first asked me to be his girlfriend. We piled sand on one another and never looked back. (: One of my favorite things about this present trip, however, was watching Jasper experience the beach for the first time. He found other dogs to chase/run around with, and while he's still cautious of water unknown, he got plenty of wet - and sandy. I also loved watching our closest friends meet, and love him, too. This is ultra sappy, but Jasper is like our toddler child, and when your best friends offer to walk, play with, and hold his leash, you are filled with this insurmountable joy because they love him like you do.

As always, this trip was much too short, but I'm so glad it happened. On our drive home, J. and I stopped in Savannah for lunch. Another city that is so dear to my heart... Must go back soon.

2008 Flashback:

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