Monday, November 5, 2012

Travel: Table Rock SP | 26-28 October 2012

Two weekends ago we drove the few hours to Table Rock State Park for some good old fashioned camping. If you remember, we went two years ago with Jessie & Daron and Jordan & Jamie. It was time for a little reunion (though we do meet up weekly as it is), and we picked the best time to go with beautiful fall colors everywhere and perfect weather. We were more lazy this time around and kept to just a few little hikes. Breakfast was followed by a game of leaf catching, and after checking out Twin Falls on Saturday afternoon, we drove back to the park, had a picnic at the lake, and all of us proceeded to go on different paths. Jonathan and Jessie napped, the dogs played, Jordan, Jamie, and Daron had a riveting game of Uno, and I finished a book start to finish (I love days like that). We had potato soup and cornbread for dinner, made s'mores, and called it a night.

I was particularly nervous about the trip because it was Jasper's first go at camping. Jordan and Jamie brought Kota last time so we knew she would do great, but their newer pup, Penny hadn't camped yet either. I think all three dogs did well, which makes all of us happy. Jasper even met an older kindred spirit, Cloud (an Aussie), camping across the street from us -- at seven years old, he was the first dog that truly played with Jasper Bubs in a way that he wanted. I love watching Jasper interact with new things for the first time! He went on his first trail, played in his first creek, and met with his first two waterfalls. All that stimulation wore him out, but I'm glad that he's able to do these things with us. The only part of our family missing was Gilly (poor Gilly - when will it be socially acceptable to bring cats to public places?), and I know she was miserable stuck indoors all weekend.

Sunday morning we packed up after breakfast, and on the way home stopped at Caesars Head. J. and I had never been before, so it was fun seeing a new-to-us place. It may be an area to explore later and maybe even backpack some. There was a bald outcropping on the main drive back that we stopped at. The whole thing decorated in graffiti - some of it vulgar, some of it friendly. I'll never understand humans' desires to alter God's magnificence, but it is what it is. Driving back home, we all remained quiet, maybe from exhaustion, but I like to think we all were perfectly content in an otherwise overcrowded vehicle. I love this time in our life, being free to enjoy nature and friends in this way.

Jessie picked up on this amazing root system. Of course you notice the tree growing on the rock, but look how far the roots stretch - to the foreground of the photo!

And on the other side, the roots continue, all the way down the banks to the stream, it's life source

Unexpectedly beautiful Twin Falls

"Expectedly" beautiful friends (:

The other side of Table Rock from Caesars Head

Bald Rock

And of course this trip would not have been complete without our obligatory Table Rock photos (:

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