Monday, January 21, 2013

Photos: Maternity Portraits

Today we woke up at the break of dawn, pulled our coats on, and headed out to Sesquicentennial State Park to take some photos of our good friends, J. and J. They are expecting their new babe in just a few short weeks! We first met J. and J. years ago in our Engaged Couples class at church. Since then, we have gone camping several times, and we also meet weekly with them for our Tuesday Night Group. It's fun seeing close friends prepare for family growth, and it was even more fun taking these photographs! Thanks you guys for bearing the chilly air with us. We love you guys.


G & M said...

i love it. those were really great!

Andrew and Elizabeth said...

Agreed! Those look great.

ambuhhh said...

Thanks you guys!

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