Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today we got baptised!!

We made the decision to join our church back in November with two church membership requirements:

(1) Professing faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, and
(2) Baptism by immersion

Though David has been a Christian since he was a child, for some reason he had never been baptised. I asked his mom about it over Thanksgiving and she just said that she never wanted to push him and she wanted it to be his choice. David and I have talked about it quite a bit since I asked Jesus into my heart February 2008...and it finally seemed like the right time, now.

David has been very nervous the last few weeks, and for me, it was kind of in the back of my mind. We arrived at 10:55 in the Baptism Suite and changed into our white clothes, then met in a central area to talk with the Baptism coordinators. It was then that it finally plugged into my brain what I was about to do...and for the next hour or so I really couldn't stop crying. I cried while Clay Smith prayed with us, I cried waiting for the worship team to end their song, I cried walking down unto the watery steps, I cried watching David profess his faith, I cried before Clay presented me to the church, I cried with a broken voice during my profession, and I literally sobbed while tearing off my dripping wet white robes in the dressing room. I think the only other day that I have cried just a little more was our wedding day.

I love that my relationship with God has always evoked such an emotional response. I know that He is truly in me when there are uncontrollable tears running down my face.. And sometimes I find myself feeling insecure (thinking about ME instead of HIM) and I love when I catch myself doing that, because it gives me yet another thing to talk to God about...

Glory be to God in the highest!

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maggie.gray said...

I cried on Sunday too :) Baptisms always get me going!

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