Sunday, December 19, 2010

Multitude Monday, Week XVI

Here we are a week late, and a day early (on Sunday!), because I am anticipating my lack of energy tomorrow after I work nights to-night.

171. Re-realizing the gift of Christmas
172. Spectacular productions by our church
173. Spending QT with work wives
174. Creating homemade cards with my husband this year
175. The insane amount of things my husband does for me on a daily basis
176. A warm house
177. Impromptu game nights
178. Christmas weddings
179. Ketan coming for Christmas weekend!
180. Good health news
181. The great joy in finding God has blessed friends' lives with a baby!!
182. Health insurance
183. Having a job
184. Having a job I truly enjoy
185. Dick Lincoln
186. Free skee ball
187. David's work party
188. Abundance of cards we've received in the mail
189. Smellmegood candles throughout the house
190. Great coworkers

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