Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Shout Out to My Peeps!

Okay so the subject is something that my father-in-law would say, and I mean that in the most endearing way, but seriously, let me tell you about MAH PEEPS!

So I worked yesterday from 7p-7a. Yes it is 9:40a as I am typing this and I have not fallen over from exhaustion. Let me tell you WHYYYY.

I give a somewhat quick report. I excitedly throw my penlight, inkpen, stethoscope, and mechanical pencil in my locker. I grab my car keys, shut the padlock, and wave goodbye. Within a minute I am clocking out and the elevator arrives amazingly fast. As I'm passing the 3rd floor I suddenly realize that I left my coat in the breakroom. It is less than 30-degrees out. I figure I'll wing it. I call my dear husband on my walk out to the garage, make sure he's up and has left for Greenville (he has). I am about to the other end of the parking lot when he tells me he didn't sleep well last night because I wasn't there to keep him warm (no seriously - I insist on saving on our electricity bill and make everyone suffer by keeping the heat on, if on at all, to 60-degrees and require a space heater in the bedroom). I am approaching my car, so I click the unlock button. There's no unlocking sound, and I start imagining all of these terrible things. Like, someone stole my wallet from my glovebox. (Hey, I don't want to keep my wallet in my glovebox, but David insists I take it with me while I'm driving to work, and I absolutely refuse to cart it inside the hospital where theft is even more likely.) I get closer to the car and it's still not making any sound. It's not unlocking, it's not locking, the little keychain thing ISN'T BLINKING. Still on the phone with my husband, I'm freaking out, and manually unlock the car door. Alarm is sounding, echoing through the awesome parking garage (right as a guy in a suit gets out of his sporty little thing and rummages through his trunk...pfft, pharmacy rep). The most obnoxious sound EVER. I place my keys in the ignition and turn, but it won't start. Yes, my alarm is that smart - it LOCKS THE IGNITION. Awesome. I am only able to stop the alarm by getting out of the car and manually locking it.

At this point I am really freaking out, because here's David 45min to Greenville, all of our friends are either working or live across town, and neither of us have any ideas. (Actually David's idea was for me to take a taxi home. A TAXI! I don't live in Chicago. I don't even know what that means.) After several more unsuccessful attempts, I concede failure, and almost start crying. Then I think maybe I can ask someone who worked with me that night to either drive me home or drive me to Wal Mart so I can get another battery. Remember I'm still sans coat in really cold weather? I know one of my buddies from work is in a meeting and the only other person I felt comfortable enough asking is giving report to the charge. Frantic and cold, I march back into my unit. Are you all aware of how far our parking garage is from our unit? 10-minute walk, 8 if I'm like Speedy Gonzalez.

I show up, flustered, tell the dayshift girls what's going on as I'm trying to call the one person I feel like I can ask who is not answering... And that is when amazingness happens. One of my coworkers said, why don't you just drive my car to Wal Mart and take care of it all? Drive her car?! Why didn't I think of that? I seriously had a moment where I felt like I was back at Pasco Cardiology. It was nice. I was so so soo happy about her kindness, I was so relieved! Everything was smooth sailing after that (except I kept thinking about these horrible possibilities of me driving her car.. I've been watching way too much Dead Like Me). And now I am home and it's sleepy time.

My coworkers rule!

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