Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Small Blurb about Life Changes

Lives change all of the time -- for good and bad -- and we have been extremely blessed this last year. My husband and I are really growing into one another, and I don't know if it's the warmness of the season, but I'm finding myself appreciate so many little moments lately that it is hard for me to say what exactly has changed in us. Just last week marked eight months that we have been married, which I proclaim is "almost a year" and David quickly corrects me and says "it's only eight months!" It's been fast, this whole time, and after barely having enough time to get ready for a wedding yesterday, my husband looked at me and said with great emphasis, we have got to stop doing this.

We've been moving so quickly and I cannot imagine the new year slowing down anymore. I recently found out I was accepted into a RN-BSN program, which is awesome news, but also a little unexpected. (Unexpected because I was thinking Summer 2011 admission, not Spring, aka less than a month away, admission!) Tomorrow I should be sending in all of the paperwork and forms that will qualify me for in-state tuition, and the 6th of January I have my orientation. I don't really know what all of this means with my work schedule, but with only 7 credits I cannot imagine *not* being able to work as much as I do... We will see. Then we have quite a few trips planned for the new year, and I don't know if/how me being enrolled will alter those plans. Again, we will see. I am nervous and I am excited. At work we often discuss what we plan to do, since most of my coworkers are getting critical care experience and then applying for NP/CRNA programs. I don't know how any of that falls into my future, but for right now I know I need my BSN, just in case.

In other news, Friday marked us paying off $6000 in debt since August, which means I can officially close two credit card accounts this upcoming week. I know I've never written about this to you all, but David and I have a very aggressive debt pay off plan that will have us finish $35,000 by May 2012. We could theoretically be even more aggressive, but we'd like to also travel and save during this period, so .. womp, we can wait the two years.

The discussion of what do we do with all of that "extra" money after May 2012 has turned into yet another aggressive financial plan for purchasing a house, which, by the way, scares the heck out of me. All of it is exciting, though...just very, very scary.

For now I am just content knowing that the huge life change that occurred this year (getting married and moving away from family & friends) has been fairly easy. We have really genuine and awesome friends here in Columbia that has made everything kind of just pass on by...

Before heading to frisbee, after I crawled into the warm cocoon of a bed, David grabbed our coats to hang up in the closet. He paused at the doorway and said, "You know you married the best husband in the world?" I smiled and said, "Boy do I know it," though I guess I am a little partial. (:

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