Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food: Crispy Gnocchi Pesto with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Last week, I made this recipe for dinner. I found several variations of it but decided to go with this one because I had all of the ingredients aside from the tomatoes and gnocchi. Confession -- neither of us had ever tasted gnocchi prior to making this dish. Apparently boiling and covering with sauce is the normal delivery of this Italian food. This version, which is basically frying the gnocchi, sounded different and more fun. I used the last of our jarred pesto that had been taking space in our fridge for months (mooooonths), but would consider (and probably prefer) making my own pesto for the next time.

Crisping the gnocchi in EVOO. We used pre-made gnocchi (sweet potato whole wheat). Do you know where to find it in your grocery store? Publix keeps it in the pasta section, which makes complete sense, even though I was searching for it in frozen food and bakery (oops). But now you know!

Halved grape tomatoes (not a pantry staple - more on that later)

Simmering and crisping more

Add ze pesto!

Not pictured: goat cheese. (:



The creamy goat cheese was perfect for the crispy gnocchi shell that had a smooth center. The pesto almost overpowered the dish, so I was happy to have a light spinach salad (with feta, dried cranberries, and walnuts) to give my palate a rest. This dish is extremely rich and you could easily cut down on portion size. With some small modifications, I would say it's a keeper!

A question posed tonight by our Tuesday Night Group: what is your go-to dish?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making that dish and for the shout out! That turned out to be one of our favorite make at home meals.

You photos are awesome. What kind of camera do you use and how to you get enough light? Cooking dinner at night is a constant thorn in our side for getting good pictures.

ambuhhh said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

For these photos, I used our Canon 40D and a 50mm lens, f/3.2, speed 1/20, ISO 1000. Lighting is a problem for us, too, because we don't generally cook until around 7pm each night. For these, we used the oven light and then the finished product was taken in the dining room so there was ample lighting. I am a sucker for natural lighting, though!

Thank you for visiting!

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