Thursday, February 16, 2012

Travel: Ski Weekend 2012

Last year we planned our first (will it become annual?) ski trip to Sugar Mountain in North Carolina. I feel very blessed that we live less than four hours away from an east-coast ski destination, and even more blessed that we have friends interested in going away for a weekend with us. In 2011, we had over twenty people make the trip (my friends from Florida even flew up!). We all stayed in a large cabin about twenty minutes away from the mountain. This was the first time skiing for me, so every aspect of the trip was new. This year, we had a smaller gathering of people (still a few flew from Florida!), which lent to a more intimate setting... and boys versus girls game playing. Our lodging was also closer (right off of the bunny slopes!) and the weather was much different. It actually snowed the Saturday we were skiing, and was so frigidly cold on Sunday that many of us decided to not ski. Because it was my second time skiing, I was a lot "better" (using this term loosely) than the first (and just generally felt more comfortable). I have a lot to learn, though, because most of my runs felt very out of control despite me making it safely to the bottom. I remember one run down the mountain I was praying the entire time! J., of course, is a professional and snowboarded his heart out all of Saturday and Sunday. Anyway. We had a terrific time, and I had lots of moments where I would step back and think, this is the stuff we remember when we're 80.

Between my photos and our friend, E.'s, there are a few to share. Enjoy!

Everyone hurriedly getting ready after eating spinach-cheese bake casserole and fruit for breakfast

Part of the group before heading out to the slopes on Saturday!

Not only was it snowing, but they also had the snow blowers on! This made for a very frosty day.

Getting warmed up on the Magic Carpet

E. being a good friend and accompanying me on my Magic Carpet Ride

After my first successful run down a green without running into any fences! (That story is for another time.)

After lunch, I went on a little adventure of my own -- down the mountain to Food Lion!

I was surprised by S. and N. when I got back to our condominium!

Ze little snow bunnies

Meanwhile, my husband was back on the slopes!

R., J., and E.!

Apparently this rock was covered by snow and R. took a dive. (I don't know what really happened.)

That evening we warmed ourselves around the fire...

and then played Cranium!

We all went to bed early that night

The next morning it was very cold

J. dreaming about the slopes

S. curling up on the couch for a planned morning inside

M. and E., new best buddies

The boys ready to make dreams come true!

Buddies said Goodbye

And after a lazy, relaxing morning inside our warm home, we finally met the boys at the ski lodge to make them lunch.

Then we said bye to Florida friends...but not for long, because S. and N. are moving to Wilmington! (:

What a great weekend.

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