Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Milestones: Gilly's First Walk

I have been begging J. to get a harness/leash for our kitty for mooooonths. On every day that I am off of work and it is sunny out, I dream about taking Gilly to the park, having a picnic, and going for long walks. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I am one lucky gal and as much as I am nuts, he is nuts for me.

So, after him coming home from work today, waking me from my slumber (hey, I worked night shift) with a boastful, "Let's go for a walk!" I thought he was just a bit crazy, too. I was sleeeeeping. As I cracked my right eye open, he flopped a bright blue harness and leash on me, and faster than you can say "cat picnic" I was out of bed throwing on walk-appropriate clothing.

Our little girl being very cautious as she ventures outside

Before going on a full-scale walk, we thought we'd head into the backyard first (she loves playing out here for hours during her almost-daily "exploring time")

She kinda sat there...

...and sat there

So we carried her down the driveway to see what she would do.

Gilly with Daddy (:

After a few minutes of a "walk" (i.e. us practically dragging her), she found a spot to sit.

And continue sitting.

Feeling inspired, I ran inside to get her octopus - the carrot on the horse's head theory, right?

But instead of running to catch it, she laid on the ground and played with octopus.

My dreams of outdoor cat-filled afternoons aren't completely ruined. Tonight a friend told us similar stories about her cat when she initially tried walking him, but now he loves going on long walks! Stay tuned.

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Lauren Robinson said...

Awesome- I love seeing a cat on a leash! Don't give up- maybe she'll get into the idea soon!


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