Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House Update: Dining Room (Buffet Hutch)

Storage and space has definitely been an issue in our kitchen, and when we moved in I started brainstorming what we could do about some of the problems that we didn't have in our rental. A few months ago, J. put up this pot rack which significantly helped the flow of our kitchen. A little over a month ago, World Market was having a 50% off furniture sale. I had been eying a buffet for a long time but couldn't feel comfortable with the expense. Well, we went ahead and took the leap when it was 50% off and I had a $20 off coupon. J. put it together a week ago or so, and with my mom's help, we found a place for it in our dining room. Since we were hosting our Tuesday Night Group this evening, I made it a priority to finally stack some of our dishes on it.

Did you know these dishes were the ones we used for our wedding? A good friend's mom collected them from local thrift stores. It was actually cheaper buying them than renting them! After our wedding, we took them all home, decided which ones to keep, gave some to a friend, and donated the rest. I love the ones we kept so much, not only because they have the memory of our wedding, but also because they are mismatched and fun.

Gilly had to explore her new climbing pedestal. (We're bad parents. I swear I disciplined her after this photo was taken...)

The curtain pictured is also from World Market and was not a part of our original dining room update post. I would link both products but they are no longer available via their online site (you can probably still buy both in stores while supplies last).

Do you have a hutch? How do you organize and style it?

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